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It’s time to take your backyard to the next level. Add a unique water feature!

There are so many choices that bring so many benefits. They can be a landscape or a hardscape structure. These items include fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, streams and more! Plus, they can be powered by gravity, electric pumps, and solar energy for peak efficiency. Many are self-contained, and don’t require water to be plumbed in. With so many options, the only limitation is your imagination.

Add a water feature and enjoy a better outdoor living space with family and friends this summer!

The Benefits of a Water Feature:

  • These unique structures create a dramatic focal point in any backyard space.
  • A water feature can provide a natural environment and a place to relax and unwind.
  • Adding a water feature allows you to design a unique garden environment that’s in tune with nature. You can add aquatic and oxygenating plants.
  • A well-designed garden adds both value and curb appeal.
  • Water attracts birds and small animals, creating an inviting eco-friendly environment that’s sure to enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.

A Few Water Feature Ideas:

  • A small rippling stream in your backyard can create a serene and beautiful environment.
  • Add a water feature to your pool. A cascading fountain is appealing and fun!
  • A backyard pond complete with Koi can turn your outdoor living space into an oasis.
  • Adding a low maintenance, self-contained fountain provides a dramatic focal point.

Reuther is your one-stop shop!

When it comes bringing outdoor living to the next level, think Reuther. We have everything you’ll need. From pavers for patios, walkways and pool surrounds to a full range of retaining walls and hardscape features. Stop by, our professional staff is here to help with all your outdoor living needs!

At Reuther, we offer delivery options to suit you.

Our fleet of trucks ensure that we can accommodate orders of any size and different offloading needs. Our fleet of specialized equipment allows for exact placement at your jobsite, or prompt loading of materials when picking up. You won’t be forced to load yourself or deal with long waits. At Reuther, we’re here for you!