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When it comes to outdoor living, versatility, durability and striking design are required. After all, you’ll be entertaining family and friends for hours at a time on your patio. And when you choose concrete, you’re not limited.

You can get creative by combining a unique shape with a standout surface treatment. Plus, concrete can be poured into any shape and it’s adaptable to the look and feel of your backyard. You can’t beat the durability and low maintenance advantages of concrete. With imagination, a concrete patio is practical and beautiful.

Choosing the proper location is key.

The following information is according to Quikrete®, the leader in concrete.

A patio is most often placed adjacent to a rear or side door, but it can also be freestanding or connected to the home by a separate walkway. In its most simple form, a patio is no more than a strategically placed concrete slab. Don’t feel limited to plain square or rectangular designs; curved and other free-form patios are visually striking additions to a home’s exterior.

An important design consideration is placement of  the patio in relation to the sun. Take the time to examine the proposed site, noting the position and intensity of the sun during different times of the day. Also keep in mind factors such as the direction from which the prevailing winds blow, whether the area lends itself to landscaping with protective trees or screen walls, and the view. The following briefly summarizes the various exposures to help in the placement of a patio.

East. A patio facing east will cool down after high noon because it is shaded by the house. An eastern exposure is ideal for hot summer climates, but some form of side screening might be needed to combat the chill of fall.

West. A patio facing west provides plenty of sun year-round. However, excessive summer heat can be a problem in the late afternoon and evening – precisely when the patio is used most. Well placed trees and shrubs not only provide cooling relief, but also add to the patio’s natural setting.

North. Unless the patio is enclosed, a northern exposure is the least desirable setup. The patio receives minimal sunshine, thus keeping it cool and damp in all seasons but summer.

South. A patio facing south receives varying degrees of sunlight throughout the year. While southern exposures can get very warm during the height of summer, glare from the setting sun isn’t the problem it is with a western exposure.

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