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Gravel, also known as crushed stone, is one of construction’s most prolific commodities. When crushed stone is mixed with sand, it has exceptional drainage properties and is widely used in home and highway construction.

A small percentage of gravel is naturally created by being formed in streams and rivers, but overall construction-grade crushed stone is man-made from a variety of rocks including granite, sandstone, marble, slate, limestone, and many more.

For the homeowner, stone and gravel has an assortment of uses – from walkways and driveways to landscaping and beyond. When it comes to affordability, quality, and choice, Reuther Material has you covered.

Common Types of Stone and Gravel:

Stone Dust: Provides an excellent leveling surface for natural stone and paver installations. Used in conjunction with quarry process stone to ensure the correct leveling base.

Clean Stone: A gray stone which has been crushed, screened through a 3/4″ square screen, and cleaned to ensure that it’s free from stone dust and other residues. Used for driveways, concrete mixes, and more. Also a great base for foundations and drainage systems.

Quarry Process or Dirty Stone: Used as a sub-base for a variety of applications. It is a mix of 3/4″ stone and smaller screenings that can be used as a base for paver or natural stone driveways, walkways, and patios.

Fine Mason Sand: A fine-graded, all-purpose sand with good leveling properties. It’s used for a variety of mason work including paver base, concrete, and more. Also used for playground sand.

Common Applications:

Paver Base: Stone dust when used in conjunction with quarry process stone provides an excellent leveling surface for both natural stone and paver installations.

Walkways: When used as a walkway or garden path, choosing the right size gravel is key for walking comfort. The smaller the gravel, the softer the feel.

Driveways: Gravel can be used for driveway creation regardless of size. When used in layers, gravel provides traction, stability and drainage. Plus, with its wide variety of color choices, including white, brown, beige and gray a gravel driveway can be made to complement the look of any home and landscaping.

Landscaping: Grass is great, but when you go gravel, you cut down on lawn maintenance and enhance the beauty of your property. Crushed stone or granite is a great choice for defining edges and adding contrast to patios and walkaways. Plus, with its natural coloring, you can achieve a rustic, earthy look to your landscaping.

Reuther – for all your stone and gravel needs.

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We offer a comprehensive array of delivery options. Our fleet of trucks ensures that we can accommodate orders of any size and different offloading needs. Our fleet of specialized equipment allows for exact placement at your job site, or prompt loading of materials when picking up. You won’t be forced to load yourself or deal with long waits.