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Natural Stone & Treads

Natural limestone and bluestone treads are commonly used for steps, hearths, mantles, and coping for the top of walls. Their superior strength and durability make them perfect for all climates.

Some of the supplies we carry include:

Pattern Bluestone Commonly cut into specific square or rectangular shapes, uses include patios, walkways, pool decks, court yards, and interior floors.
Irregular Pattern Bluestone Shaped unevenly, they fit together to make a naturally looking beautiful patios, pool decks, walkways, or interior floors.
Bluestone Tiles Both durable and easy to install. Perfect for patios, walkways, and step landings. Available in 12” x 12” x ¾”.
Limestone & Bluestone Treads 2” height. Common applications are for steps, borders for landings, hearths, mantles, and coping for top of walls.