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Paver Accessories

Installation is easy with Reuther. We carry a wide array of accessories for any paver and stone installation.

From paver edgings and spikes to sealers, polymeric sand, cleaners, and diamond blades, we’ve got everything you’ll need to install and maintain your pavers.

Paver accessories we carry include:

Polymeric Sand SUPERSAND G2 is a new generation of polymeric sand that neutralizes haze and dust. No blower is needed and only one watering is required. Recommended for a variety of uses including pool decks, patios, driveways etc. Can be used for joints up to a maximum of 2". Available in Beige and Slate Grey colors.
Edgings SRW’s Universal Paver Rail can be used on both straight and curved applications to prevent paver shifting.
Blades SRW’s red All Purpose blades are designed to cut a variety of materials from concrete and asphalt to stone. Choose SRW All Purpose diamond blades for everyday projects with a variety of cutting needs.
Concrete Sealer Green Concrete Cure & Seal™ is best suited for use on freshly poured concrete. This film-forming sealer prevents rapid moisture evaporation that leads to shrinkage cracking, making it ideal for green concrete.
Paver Sealers LG Low Gloss Sealer is a low-gloss, color-enhancing paver sealer that stabilizes joint sand and protects against sand washout, weed growth and ant infestation. It extends paver life while providing an attractive surface sheen. HG High Gloss sealer provides a high-gloss, wet-look protective barrier that prolongs the life of any paver project. Use this product to protect and beautify a paver’s appearance.
Natural Stone Sealer S-PS Penetrating is formulated for natural stone and can be used on both vertical and horizontal applications. It preserves the natural look of the stone while protecting it from damaging elements.

Paver cleaners we carry include:

PW Paver Clean™ is a general-purpose paver wash. It is a must used product to prepare pavers for sealing. This multi-purpose wash can tackle polyhaze, efflorescence and ground-in dirt. PW can easily be applied to pavers and should be used after spot treatments.
EF Efflorescence is a fast-acting specialty cleaner is made for removing efflorescence; a common type of discoloration, usually white in color.
CD Cleaner & Degreaser is a spot cleaner that removes grease and oil stains from outdoor hard surfaces. Its powerful formula is fast-acting and easy to use. It’s a staple for any outdoor grilling area.
RE Rust Eliminator spot cleaner removes stubborn rust stains. Its strong formula dissolves rust away and rinses clean with water. Use it on pavers, concrete, clay, brick, granite or bluestone.
MC Mold, Moss & Mildew Cleane is a specialty cleaner that is a concentrated formula that breaks down mold, moss, mildew, lichen, and algae deep-down at its source. For use on any outdoor hard surface.
SS Sealer Stripper is an industrial-strength sealer stripper that provides a fresh new start to previously sealed paver installations. Great for removing carpet adhesive & graffiti as well.
SW Stone Wash is a general-purpose natural stone cleaner. It prepares natural stones for sealing by removing ground-in dirt, light grease, and oil. For use after spot treatments.