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3 Course Ashlar Profile

Ashlar coursing was used extensively in classical architecture in prehistoric Greece and Crete.

Diamond River

Castlestone Profile

Whether you are looking to recreate the look of an eighteenth century chateau or design a modern architectural marvel, this timeless style can transform any structure.

Black Rundle

Fieldstone Profile

A classic enduring style that is as relevant today as it was centuries ago.

Copper Canyon

Ledgestone Profile

Ultra-modern or timeless, whatever your concept, this profile suits any interior or exterior application.

Black Rundle
Copper Canyon

Quarry Ledgestone® Profile

Uniquely distinct shapes of random ashlar roughly tooled masonry mimicking styles of Europe.


Roman Castlestone Profile

From the old world to the new world, this weathered European style stone combines yesterday’s elegance with today’s sophistication.

Sierra Ridge