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From patios and walkways to complete outdoor living spaces, when it’s time to choose the perfect paver, the right color palette can have a dramatic effect on the look of your project.

When choosing your pavers, keep the following in mind:

  1. Compliment your home’s color and architectural style.
    Your color palette should harmonize with your home by complementing its architectural style and exterior color, while tying into your landscaping.
  2. Colors express emotions.
    For a relaxing feel, natural grey tones are soothing and calming. For a rustic look; reds, beiges or shades of brown are a good choice. Choosing lighter colors can make your space feel larger and brighten up an area, while darker tones are great for full sun.
  3. How will you use your space?
    If your pavers are around a pool, consider lighter colors that reflect light and are cool on bare feet. For a patio with an outdoor kitchen, a darker palette is a great choice. Barbeques can be messy!
  4. Look at your colors wet and dry.
    Once you’ve picked your perfect paver colors, make sure to test how they look in both wet and dry conditions. Colors are more vibrant when wet or when coated with a protective sealant.

Nicolock paving stones bring color and quality to a new level.
When it comes to rich, vibrant color and durability the choice is Nicolock. No other manufacturer offers more color choices to suit your taste and style.

Nicolock’s approach to color is unique.
At Nicolock, manufacturing rich vibrant colors is both art and science. In fact, no one blends color like Nicolock. They take color blending to a whole new level by smoothing out hues and eliminate lines. Nicolock blends have variegated tones and no spotty blotches.

The result: a tight, smooth surface texture combined for superior color, strength and beauty that will last for generations!

Choose your Nicolock products at Reuther Material!

As the area’s premier Nicolock dealer, we carry a large inventory of Nicolock pavers, wall stones and outdoor living products – all colors, textures and styles are well-stocked and ready for your project!  At Reuther, you’ll find everything you need from paver sealers and polymeric sand to a wide selection of masonry supplies, power tools and more. Plus, our professional, knowledgeable staff are here to help you every step of the way.

With Reuther, you’ll have your materials where and when you need them.

We offer a comprehensive array of delivery options. Our fleet of trucks ensures that we can accommodate orders of any size and different offloading needs. Our fleet of specialized equipment allows for exact placement at your job site, or prompt loading of materials when picking up. You won’t be forced to load yourself or deal with long waits.