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Decorative stone is a great way to enhance your landscaping. It can be used in just about any area of your yard. Decorative stone is not only beautiful, but also has additional benefits: easy to install, provides excellent drainage and low maintenance. Decorative stone is also durable, won’t lose color and prevents soil erosion. Plus, there are so many ways to use decorative stone and gravel.

Below are several fun and creative alternatives to consider when you want to add some pizazz to your landscaping.

Creative applications for decorative stone and gravel:

Container gardening: decorative stones are wonderful accents when added to the top of the soil in potted plants. They add both color and contrast, delivering a bold feature to your landscaping.  

Tree base: adding decorative stone around the base of trees can give your landscaping a clean, fresh look while providing good drainage.

Meditation or Zen Garden: crushed gravel is a great foundation to any Zen Garden. It’s easy to rake, creating unique designs that add to the peace and tranquility that a Zen or meditation garden provides.

Highlight a water feature: decorative stone added to landscaping water features like fountains, ponds and streams provide a natural, clean look that will enhance any backyard.

Base of a mailbox: decorating around your mailbox with stone can be fun and creative. You can use different color stone to make interesting designs or even write your name.

Create a spiral garden: creating a spiral is easy, takes up little space and can add an interesting focal point to your landscaping. You’ll find using decorative stone of different shapes and colors will greatly enhance your spiral garden’s appeal.

Overall, stone and gravel have many uses, both functional and decorative. From walkways and driveways to landscaping and beyond. When it comes to stone and gravel, Reuther Material has what you’re looking for.

Reuther – for all your decorative stone and gravel needs.

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