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Fall is almost here! It’s time to maintain your pavers and hardscapes — walkways, patios and driveways need seasonal care. Protecting these areas before the harsh winter is essential to prevent damage and maintain the lasting beauty these surfaces provide.

As temperatures fluctuate, and without proper maintenance your pavers could become damaged — cracks, reduction of joint sand and other problems can cause pavers to move or need to be replaced.

Below are several suggested steps that can help preserve the lasting beauty that properly maintained pavers and hardscapes provide.

Proper Paver Maintenance:

  • Blow or clear away debris from walkways, patios and driveways. Fall leaves can cause staining if left sitting too long.
  • Remove outdoor furniture including grills, patio furniture, planters, etc. This helps prevent rust stains.
  • Maintain paver joints; pull weeds and inspect joint sand. The rule of thumb is between 1/8” to 1/4” below the edge of the paver. Consider SUPERSAND G2 Polymeric Sand, a new generation of polymeric sand that also neutralizes haze and dust.
  • Prep the surface by cleaning and removing efflorescence. SRW EF Efflorescence is a fast-acting specialty cleaner made for removing efflorescence; a common type of discoloration, usually white in color.
  • Apply sealer so that every part of the paver is covered. Rule of thumb is every 3-5 years. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications. Consider these fine SRW sealer products:
    SRW LG Low Gloss Sealer is a low-gloss, color-enhancing paver sealer that stabilizes joint sand and protects against sand washout, weed growth and ant infestation. It extends paver life while providing an attractive surface sheen.
    SRW HG High Gloss sealer provides a high-gloss, wet-look protective barrier that prolongs the life of any paver project. Use this product to protect and beautify a paver’s appearance.

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